STABILITY and core strength products are available at Fitbod with delivery Australia-wide.
AXIUS CORE is one of the most functional pieces of equipment ever created, and it was designed to be as efficient as possible to build STABILITY. The two-sided design, allows for varying instability and progression.  Ball-side-down provides the highest level of instability, while dome-side-down reduces the level of instability. 
Other products in Fitbod’s range include FREEFORM BOARD, which takes supported body weight training to a whole new level. From high intensity interval training (HIIT) through to rehabilitation.
The PILATES RING/CIRCLE helps tone and activate upper and lower body muscles. The handles allow you to squeeze the ring in and out, which is great for abduction or adduction exercises as well as balance when holding tension or static positions. SKLZ STABILITY BALLS also known as Fitballs and Swissballs are available in 55cm, 65cm and 75cm sizes. You can target specific muscle groups or use it as a bench to engage your core.


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