Freeform Board

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Looking for an all-in-one exercise solution that is practical, diverse and easy to use?

The freeFORM Board is an all-in-one exercise solution that offers multi-directional functionality to help recreate dynamic movement for fitness or Pilates.

The freeFORM Board takes supported body weight training to a whole new level, from high intensity interval training (HIIT) through to rehabilitation, recruiting more muscles and crossing more body segments including both prime movers and stabilisers to create a full body workout solution.

The freeFORM Board is the perfect partnership of form and function. It takes up minimal space within your home, gym, health club or clinical setting and offers a overabundance of functions and exercises.

Consider the Freeform board for group training classes for

  • Pilates
  • stretch and mobility
  • High intensity interval training HIIT


  • use one on one for movement and rehab
Freeform Board
Freeform Board
Freeform Board