YOGA instructors trust FITBOD with their exercise equipment for a truly effective and zen workout. Functional tools such as GAIAM’s YOGA BLOCK, MAT and STRAP are perfect for core strengthening, improved flexibility and stability training. The lightweight foam block, for example, can unlock new stretches and positions that were previously unattainable, helping you to improve your core strength and add variety to your workout. The ridged mat provides a light-tac surface with superb cushioning to support every pose. The premium marble/grey mat is 6mm thick and comes with a Velcro closure carry sling to make saluting the sun on-the-go easy. Longer than most straps on the market, the GAIAM ATHLETIC YOGA MAX STRAP is 10 feet (3.04m) long to help maximise your moves. Rise to the challenge of even the hardest poses with the 100% cotton strap.

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