Hyperwear Booster Pack

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Add weight to your Hyper Vest PRO to intensify workouts and burn more calories. Booster Pack includes 35 individual zinc-plated steel weights designed specifically to fit Hyper Vest PRO weighted vests. Each weight is approximately 2.3 ounces, providing a total of 5 extra pounds in each Booster Pack to distribute the load evenly. The booster pack includes handy Hyper Horn tool for inserting extra weights into the pockets of the Hyper Vest PRO

Take your training to the next level with the revolutionary Hyper Vest PRO weight vest.  Featuring a unique fabric control system, the unisex design is both exceptional comfortable and extraordinarily effective.


The Hyper Vest PRO patented design flexes in the horizontal plane allowing for full chest expansion while breathing.  No vertical stretch means the steel weights remain in place even during vigorous, multi-plane movements. 



  1. unisex patented design for exceptional comfortable
  2. unique breathable, odor resistant, wicking fabric
  3. open side panels provide superior ventilation
  4. thin profile allows for full range of motion
  5. flexible side lacing for highly-adjustable fit
  6. comes pre-loaded with 10lbs of steel weights

SIZING GUIDE: estimation only

  • Small: 40-60kg &1.50-1.62cm
  • Medium: 60-77kg & 1.62-1.75cm
  • Large: 77-95kg & 1.75-1.93cm
  • XL: 95kg+ & 1.93cm+

TOTAL MAX LOAD of Add-on weights packs per vest

  • Small: 20lbs (9kg) - 2 Packs
  • Medium: 23lbs (10.5kg) - 3 packs
  • Large: 33lbs (15kg) - 5 packs
  • XL: 42lbs (19kg) - 7 packs
Hyperwear Booster Pack
Hyperwear Booster Pack
Hyperwear Booster Pack