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We are now selling FILLED Sandbells. We have removed the hassle and now is the time to get the best home training product on the market. 

We have weight range from 2LB (1kg) to 50LB (25kg) but warning they feel heavier due to the moving sand!

The SandBell is the most versatile and challenging, functional free weight on the market that combines the best features of dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, slam balls and sandbag training into one simple yet powerful weight training tool.

The SandBell consists of an extremely durable neoprene disc filled with sand that will challenge your strength, test your stamina and push your limits like nothing else.


·       Patented design works grip, wrist and forearms

·       Shifting sand provides active live weight

·       Extremely durable, high quality design

·       Safe for all ages, levels and facilities