The Key To Training With Resistance Bands

Want to achieve maximum results with minimal equipment? Meet STROOPS, the lightweight and versatile portable resistance training equipment that allows you to create challenging full-body workouts wherever you are with the ‘Slastix’, their proven safety sleeve elastics which come in three resistance categories LightMedium and Heavy. From strength training to high calorie burn plyometric moves, training with resistance bands is effective, efficient and cost-friendly.

It’s no secret that one of the best ways to build muscle and burn fat is with a fitness routine that incorporates resistance training.

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Generally, we are conditioned to think that strength training needs to involve heavy lifting of equipment like barbells and dumbbells. Of course, they play an important role in a strength program,but resistance bands are a serious fitness alternative.

Here’s why.

They offer the benefits of getting strong and improving speed and power – and from wherever you are.
If we compare STROOPS resistance bands to traditional free or machine weights, besides the obvious fact they are much lighter and more portable, resistance bands don’t rely on gravity, so you are not limited to just one exercise – or performing them in a gym.

Instead, elastic resistance training allows us to exercise single or multiple joints at once. The resistance is determined by how much the band is being stretched meaning users of all fitness levels can adjust their workout accordingly – or increase their weight by using a Slastixwith heavier resistance.

In fact, with just one resistance band you can strengthen all the major muscle groups by performing exercises including bench press, seated row, upright row, lat pulldown, leg press, knee extension, or hamstring curl.

And they’re not just limited to strength training either. For a fat burning focus you can do explosive plyometric moves like lat pull down with jumping lunge, box jumps and burpee pull-ups. The new Son Of A Beast Pro, would be the ideal system to consider for functional training, but you could also just use one Slastix at your desired resistanceand a heavy anchor point.

You can then use the very same band to round out a tough workout with flexibility and balance exercises like adductor stretch, side led dead lift, side plank and stabilisation.

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If you have been thinking about starting your own group fitness or personal training sessions but the thought of costly equipment has deterred you to date, or perhaps you want a fitness solution that can travel with you, then Stroops Slastix is the convenient and hardworking fitness solution for you.

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