Cheap Foam Rollers Australia?


In our line of work we always come across cheap products that are copies of the quality brands we know and trust. The same goes for Foam Rollers.

People always ask me why we use Foam Rollers, and what is the difference between a quality roller and a cheaper copy.

The aim of a Foam Roller is to loosen up your fascia. This is essential after exercise, or anytime your muscles are fatigued, feel knotted or tense. They get tight and when they are tight the muscles are inhibited.  To get the elasticity and high performance back into your muscles, we employ what’s called "Self Myofascial Release" ( known as SMR) And this is generally done with various types of Foam Rollers or balls.

Cheap Foam Rollers Australia

Cheap Rollers – Where do they fall down?

The biggest negative to the Cheap Rollers is most are short in length and this limits their range of use. Usually the EPE OR EVA foam is quite soft, reducing its effectiveness as it can collapse, and go out of shape.  This softer foam also breaks down under load which reduces its shelf life, and some cheap rollers are poorly designed enabling the foam and rip off or unglue to the PVC core.

So who is making quality Foam Rollers and what is the difference?

Firstly the quality rollers last, they maintain their shape and as a fascia release tool they are more effective and more resilient.  A brand like Rumble Roller for example have researched and developed a range of Foam Rollers that are optimized for a particular depth of massage. The science and technology that goes into the product range is calculated and measured, and these factors contribute to customer satisfaction.

There are other quality Foam Roller brands out there with their own unique selling points and differences, and these are also made of quality materials and perform well in the market place.


If I was traveling and had no choice, of course, it’s still going to benefit me somewhat. With a quality roller, I’m going to get the most precision and effectiveness, and it will last, lets say 3 times as long… so your spend is almost on par. Rumble Roller brand is a patented design for a reason... it's market leading and works more effectively mimicking the deep tissue massage skills of a person yet at a fraction of the cumulative price.

To view my choice of Foam Roller and SMR tools, and further information on rumble rollers unique design and uses go to

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