Behind The Scenes With Fitbod: 12 Round Fitness Club Fitout

Some of you may not be aware that in addition to Fitbod's fantastic range of equipment that can be delivered straight to your door, we also provide some exciting commercial fitness support, including fitout solutions for studios and gyms. Over the coming weeks we will share some recent and current projects we are working on that highlight Fitbod's wonderful clients and the products and solutions we provide.

First up is: 12 Round Fitness

12 Round Fitness is now arguably the largest boxing franchise in the world and like F45 is developed right here in Australia. It has been fantastic to partner with 12 Round Fitness and provide each club with Throwdown branded boxing bags and Throwdown single station cantilever boxing frames as well as our Stroops whiteboard hurdles.



Both Throwdown items are extremely bulky and a challenge to ship so we have custom made crates to make this process easier - especially in a diverse shipping proposition which is Australia. No doubt the leaders in this business will be looking for global expansion based on the success at home. Managing Director Tim West and CEO Michael Jordan are well known industry leaders, combined with the branding, imagery and authenticity that co-founder and Australian Boxing hero Danny Green provides.


12 Round Fitness is based on 12 rounds of workouts moving station to station of which 6 are boxing and 6 are functional or HIIT movements for a complete workout solution that changes daily. Each session can start when you get there meaning total flexibility for members and you get a coach everytime. It is a truly innovative model hence why there are well over 64+ clubs and growing.

Check out 12 Round Fitness for more information.

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