Battle Ropes Australia

Battle ropes have become a familiar fixture in gyms and fitness centres globally since working with them can build stamina and endurance and help shape and tone muscles. Space restrictions have kept them largely out of home gyms, but not anymore. The highly innovative Hyper Rope from Hyperwear brings battle roping into homes across Australia and the world.

There is no substitute for the trusty battle rope for sculpting your best physique. When you do find battling ropes for sale, chances are you do not have enough space to utilise them fully at home. With this new product, you can, and you don’t need tonnes of space. Here are some of the benefits of employing this new product in your home fitness routine:

  • Full body workout: Get a top to toe workout. The Hyper Rope works most of the muscles in your body, from your shoulders and arms to the upper and lower back, your abdominals, and lower body.
  • Cardio fitness: Working with battle ropes increases your cardiorespiratory fitness by forcing your heart rate to increase, quickly achieving a high-calorie burn rate.
  • Athletic performance: Battle ropes do much more than help you attain the ideal physique. It builds muscle, increases endurance, and helps strengthen your body and heart.

Premium Gym Ropes for sale in Australia

If you’re looking for a set of gym ropes for sale, look no further. This new product from Hyperwear is everything you’ll ever need.

  • Low impact: Get a highly effective workout without the fear of impact injury. Whether standing up or sitting down, there are many exercises you can do.
  • Burn fat: If you need to lose some flab from your upper body, battle rope training is ideal for women who want to get rid of belly fat.
  • Superior quality: The premium braid is more durable than traditional twisted rope, and the weighted metal core offers excellent resistance, providing the same intensity as a full-sized battle rope.

Enjoy all the benefits of traditional battle rope with none of the drawbacks. Take it anywhere you go and enjoy unlimited exercises well beyond traditional rope training.

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