5 Ways A Weighted Vest Improves Your Fitness

Are you looking to improve your fitness, build endurance and make your muscles work harder regardless of whether you prefer low or high impact workouts? Then you need to start packing on the pounds – and we don’t mean the ones that come after one too many burgers!

What we do mean is to start packing the weights – quite literally- by wearing a weighted vest during your workouts. Research shows that increasing your body weight by 10-15% will help you achieve your goals more quickly. The weighted vest we love and recommend is the Hyper Weighted Vest Pro, which comes pre-loaded with 10lbs of steel weights, but also allows you to increase the weight of the vest by adding extra steel weights.

Ready to get your fitness goals in the bag fast? Here are just 5 ways a weighted vest will improve your fitness stat!

5 ways a weighted vest

1. Amplifies Bodyweight Training
By zipping on a Hyper Vest PRO weight vest you don’t need to touch a single piece of gym equipment to get in a super challenging workout. Adding the resistance through the weighted vest will completely amplify a simple workout of squats, push-ups, pull-ups and lunges.

2. Improves Athletic Performance
Even the most elite of athletes will reap the benefits of training with a weight vest. Snug around the core but not restrictive training with the will allow you to complete speed and agility drills with added resistance but without overloading the muscles and bones or compromising for full range of motion.

3. Elevates Stability Training
Add a weight vest to your stability training and you will immediately notice how much harder your body has to work to balance. You may even notice increased fat loss results because stability training requires your body to work hard to balance, burning more calories. Try these moves while wearing training standing on one leg, single-leg squats, single-leg deadlifts and then move into plyometric moves like single-leg jumps.

4. Increases Running Endurance
Anyone who has loaded all the groceries up both arms and walked it in the house in one go to save another trip to the car will tell you how challenging a simple, short walk becomes when you add . Imagine the benefits you will see in your running endurance or perhaps marathon training if you hit those hills carrying extra.

5. Improves Explosive Training
Being able to easily zip on / zip off the weighted vest will massively improve explosive training. Adjusting your weight load will improve your explosive movements. Try it for yourself. Do 20 jump lunges wearing a weighted vest, and then 20 without.

With a unisex patented design, the Hyper Vest Pro is suitable for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. It comes pre-loaded with 10lbs of steel weights, but a Booster Pack can be purchased to increase weight. It comes in size Small, Medium, Large & X-Large and is available in Australia at Fitbodonline.com.au

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